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Boating and the Broads Society

broads boats
Historic Broads Sailing Boats (credit Trish Barnes)

Do you keep a boat on the Broads?

If so, you're among 12,500 others, including many of our Trustees! The Broads Society has a rich history with boating and navigation. Our founder, Len Ramuz, was an avid sailor, and many attendees of the Society’s inaugural meeting at NBYC in 1956 were experienced in cruising and racing on the Broads.

This tradition continues in the Society today, with sailing, motor cruising, historic boats, and paddle craft interests well represented across our membership and in many of our activities and events.

As you will discover in the bulletin below, we are actively consulting and campaigning for boating as a key element running across all our work on recreation, environment, and heritage.

Broads Boating Bulletin
Download • 5.36MB

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