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Turning Interest into Action

In the heart of the picturesque Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, a passionate community comes together under the banner of the Broads Society. We are a collective of dedicated volunteers, each bringing unique talents and a shared love for this extraordinary landscape. Our journey is woven with stories of commitment and progress, as we strive to protect and enhance the Broads for future generations.

At the core of our efforts is a team of individuals united by a common goal. Guided by the wisdom and experience of our Board of Trustees, we embark on various initiatives, all aimed at preserving the harmony between the natural environment and the thriving local communities. Our team's dedication shines through in every campaign, event, and project we undertake.

Tracing back through the decades, the Broads Society's history is a testament to resilience and adaptation. What began as a small group of nature enthusiasts has grown into a leading voice for the preservation and appreciation of the Broads. This evolution reflects our ability to grow and adapt, always keeping the best interests of the Broads at heart.

Our invitation extends to everyone who shares our passion. Joining the Broads Society means becoming part of a movement that cherishes and fights for the Broads. Your involvement, whether through membership, volunteering, or support, fuels our mission and brings us closer to our vision of a sustainable and thriving Broads.

Together, we are the guardians of this unique landscape, ensuring that its beauty, heritage, and ecological significance are celebrated and protected. Join us in this noble and fulfilling journey.

Founded in 1956, we campaigned in the 1960s and ’70s to define the Broads in law, and in 1988 the area was protected under the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads Act 1988. Since then, the Broads has become a full member of Britain's family of National Parks and is recognised as internationally important, under the Ramsar Convention.


Our members share a common purpose in securing a sustainable future for the Broads as a unique and protected landscape in which heritage, leisure, tourism and the local economy can thrive in harmony with the natural environment, bringing benefits to everyone, now and in the future.


The Broads Society is consultative, constructive and collaborative, building discussion based on evidence and facts. We work collectively and flexibly, through reasoned argument, but with determination and a belief that what we do for the Broads will benefit future generations.


We have adopted the Charity Governance Code and manage ourselves effectively through good governance and communication, responsible fundraising, and efficient administration. Membership numbers and services are continuously improved, including through attendance at key events like The Royal Norfolk Show and the Norwich Science Festival.


We engage with our members through our flagship journal Harnser, reaching out to all members and partners with news and views, debate and reports. The Society also has an attractive website and shares its news through blogs, emails, the press, and social media.


As we consider the future of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, the role of the Broads Society becomes ever more significant. The Society’s ongoing efforts in conservation, advocacy, and community engagement are essential for maintaining the beauty and vitality of the Broads.


Joining the Society is not just a way to support these efforts; it's an opportunity to be part of a community that is deeply committed to the stewardship of one of the UK's most precious natural landscapes. Whether you are a local resident, a frequent visitor, or someone who holds the Broads dear, becoming a member of the Broads Society is a meaningful way to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of this unique area.

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