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Broads Society Programmes

The Broads is a rich tapestry of varied interests encompassing everything from visitors and residents to businesses and wildlife. Given this diversity, it's understandable that the range of topics we engage with is equally broad. To manage this effectively, we've categorised our activities into three priority areas. Each category is significant on its own, but together, they encapsulate the unique and eclectic essence that makes the Broads such a special place.



The Broads Society addresses these three priorities by:

  • Offering visits and events that enrich our understanding of heritage and environment and build opportunity for having fun in the outdoors.

  • Organising lectures, convening debates and holding conferences.

  • Through BroadSword, organising voluntary work parties to maintain heritage buildings and artefacts, sustain the landscape and enhance recreational facilities.

  • Commenting and advising on plans submitted to the authorities, including the Broads Authority and Parish, District and County councils.

  • Engaging with the Broads Authority,  the Environment Agency, the Campaign for National Parks Inland Waterways Association and other statutory and non-statutory organisations.


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