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Broads Society Key Documents

Welcome to our Key Documents page, where you can access important information about the Broads Society's governance, financial management, and operational policies. We believe in transparency and accountability, ensuring our members and supporters can see how we operate and manage resources to protect and enhance the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

Our Constitution

Understanding Our Foundation: The Constitution of the Broads Society is the cornerstone of our organization. It outlines the principles, structure, and rules that guide our operations and decision-making processes. This document is crucial for understanding our goals, methods, and the way we work towards achieving a sustainable future for the Broads. Under Review in 2024

Read Our Constitution

Financial Reporting

Transparency in Action: Financial transparency is key to the trust we build with our members, donors, and partners. Our financial reports offer a clear view of how funds are allocated and used in our mission to protect the Broads. These reports highlight our commitment to efficient and responsible financial management.

View Financial Reports

Our Policies

Commitment to Best Practices: Our policies reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship, ethical practices, and community engagement. These documents provide detailed information on how we approach various aspects of our work, from conservation projects to interactions with the public and stakeholders.

Explore our Policies

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