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Broads Society Recreation Programmes

Recreation: The Broads National Park is enjoyed by millions for recreation and leisure. Sailing and other forms of boating, such as motor-cruising, paddle-boarding and canoeing, take pride of place on the water, but along the banks and byways, angling, rambling, photography, birdwatching and many other pastimes all offer rich rewards and add to a sense of well-being. 


The Broads Authority has a budget much the same as a large comprehensive school to maintain the 200km of waterways and to help the conservation NGOs, farming community and visitors enjoy and benefit from the Broads. The money is never enough, and the Broads Society has a long tradition of providing voluntary support with bankside management and other tasks. The Society’s flagship volunteer programme, BroadSword, is undergoing a strategic overhaul and investment with a view to working alongside other volunteer groups in providing comprehensive voluntary services across many areas, including wildlife management, health and safety, and support to the less able.

Campaigning is a key part of the Society’s work and our concerns at present focus on the arguments that have emerged between some in the boating community and those who enjoy the wider public benefits of the protected landscape. We believe that the waterways are a part of the visitor and recreational experience whether enjoyed from a boat or not, and that there should be more support from central government for the basic upkeep of the waterways, rather than depending entirely on tolls from boat owners.

Details on our current programmes and campaigns can be found below

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