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Broads Society Environment Programmes

Land and water management over the centuries have created diversity and richness in the Broads, vital to migratory and resident wildlife. Sustaining this environmental tapestry, with its protected areas and ecological services, such as biodiversity, flood control and salination, is a key aim of the Broads Society and a growing challenge as climate change impacts the landscape and its biodiversity. 


The Broads is the most biodiverse of any of the protected landscapes in Britain, despite being the smallest with a national park designation. Over 11,000 species are found here, more than 17% of Britain’s total biodiversity, but a high proportion are rare or under threat. Iconic species like the Swallowtail butterfly, whose populations are now at historically low levels in just sixteen remaining breeding sites, may be lost to future generations.

The Environment and the wildlife it supports is inextricably linked to almost every Broads interest and it is vital it is protected in harmony with the heritage, recreation and Industry that make the Broads such a special place.

Details of our environment programmes and campaigns can be found below.

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