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BroadSword Volunteers

BroadSword: Get Hands on With Protecting The Broads

Welcome to BroadSword, the dynamic and active initiative helps preserve the unique landscape of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. As an operational and vibrant force, BroadSword stands as a testament to what can be achieved when community passion meets environmental stewardship.

BroadSword in Action: BroadSword is more than just an idea – it's a living, breathing entity that plays a crucial role in managing the Broads' environment. At the heart of our operation is a dedicated community of volunteers, each bringing their unique skills and enthusiasm to a range of vital environmental tasks. From essential surveillance activities to complex technical projects, BroadSword volunteers are making a tangible difference every day.

Unified Efforts for a Greater Impact: Our approach is rooted in the belief that environmental management of the Broads requires a coordinated effort. By bringing together individual volunteers and smaller groups under the BroadSword umbrella, we’re able to harness our collective power more effectively. This united front enables us to tackle larger projects and address environmental challenges more efficiently.

Our Core Principles: Stewardship and guardianship are at the heart of everything we do. BroadSword is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety, conduct, and communication. Our accredited system empowers smaller groups and individual volunteers, enhancing safety, improving communication, and promoting resource sharing across the board.

Credibility and Accountability: BroadSword operates with a clear structure, ensuring credibility and accountability in all our endeavours. Our central management layer effectively coordinates the volunteer workforce, driving efficiency and achieving tangible environmental outcomes.

Get Involved with BroadSword: BroadSword’s success and ongoing impact depend on the continued involvement and support of individuals passionate about the Broads. There are numerous ways to get involved, from hands-on volunteering to contributing ideas and resources.

Join Our Volunteer Team: Your time, skills, and energy can contribute significantly to our mission. Whether you have a few hours to spare or can commit to a more substantial role, your involvement is invaluable. Sign up to volunteer with BroadSword.

Support BroadSword: Supporting BroadSword can take many forms, from donations to sharing our mission with others. Every bit of support helps us continue our work and expand our reach. Learn how you can support BroadSword.

BroadSword’s Impact: Through BroadSword, we’re not just protecting the Broads for today; we’re ensuring they thrive for future generations. Join us in this vital endeavour, and be part of a legacy of conservation and community spirit.

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