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Boating Holiday Essentials

Embarking on a Boating Holiday on the Broads is an exciting adventure, and having a well-thought-out packing list ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience. Set sail with confidence, and make your Boating Holiday on the Broads an experience to treasure! 

Here's a comprehensive guide on what to bring;


  • Contact Details: Keep the contact information of your boat hire company within easy reach for any queries or assistance.

  • Booking Reference: Ensure your booking reference is readily accessible for a smooth check-in process.

  • Medications & Health Supplies: Remember to pack any personal medications and a basic first aid kit for safety. Including insect bite cream can be particularly helpful.

  • Bedding & Comfort: Check your specific bedding requirements beforehand, as they are typically provided. Bringing an extra blanket can add a cosy layer or serve as perfect stargazing wrap.

  • Towels: Extra towels can be a lifesaver, especially since drying them can be challenging in damp weather.


  • Versatile Clothing: Pack for variable weather with waterproof jackets, sturdy shoes with rubber soles, and warm layers. Don't forget a warm hat and thick jumper – evenings can get chilly even in summer.

  • Walking Gear: Comfortable walking boots, thick socks, and blister plasters are essential if you're planning to explore on foot.

  • Additional Footwear: Pack wellies and a second set of outdoor shoes. Even in summer, some areas can be muddy.


  • Basic Necessities: Pack all essential toiletries. While shops are available along the rivers, their selection can be limited.

  • Extra Supplies: Remember to pack additional toilet and kitchen rolls.

  • Sun Protection & Insect Repellent: Sun cream, after sun lotion, and insect repellent are crucial. The reflective nature of boats and water can intensify sun exposure.


  • Leisure Activities: Pack books, playing cards, board games, and DVDs for entertainment during quiet evenings or rainy days. Internet connectivity can be unreliable on the Broads, so plan accordingly.

  • Camera or Video Camera: The Broads offer picturesque scenery, making it ideal for capturing memories.

Kitchen and Dining:

  • Food & Beverages: Stock up on your preferred snacks, meals, and dietary items. Don't forget bottled water.

  • Kitchen Extras: While basic kitchen tools are provided, you may want to bring your favourite tea or coffee, a sharp knife, oven gloves, a non-stick frying pan, and a reliable tin opener.

  • Rubbish Disposal: Carry black bags to store rubbish securely between disposal points.

Additional Tips:

  • Navigation & Exploration: Bring maps and guides for navigation and exploring. Binoculars can enhance your experience by offering a closer view of wildlife and distant landscapes.

  • Soft Luggage: Choose soft bags over hard-shell suitcases for easier storage.

  • Fishing Gear: Ensure your fishing license is up-to-date and familiarise yourself with the specific fishing rules of the Broads.

  • Cash Availability: ATMs are scarce on the Broads, so bring sufficient cash for your needs.

  • Mooring Comfort: Gardening gloves can provide protection and comfort while handling cold and wet mooring ropes.

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