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Broads Events

Discover the vibrant presence of the Broads Society at various events throughout the year. Our stand and display materials are a focal point for promoting and raising awareness about our work, aimed at conserving and enhancing the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

Diverse Events and Venues

From the grandeur of the Royal Norfolk Show to the charm of local boat shows, village fetes, and charity events, our presence spans a range of venues and occasions. Each event offers a unique opportunity to engage with the community, share our initiatives, and welcome new members into our fold. We are continually seeking new venues and events to showcase our work, ensuring the Broads Society's mission reaches far and wide.

Volunteer and Make a Difference

Our events are powered by a dedicated team of member volunteers, whose passion and commitment bring our mission to life. However, the heart of our society always has room for more – new volunteers are warmly welcomed to join our team. Whether you're assisting at our stand, engaging with the public, or helping set up, your contribution is invaluable in spreading the word about the Broads Society and its crucial work.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for a list of our upcoming events. Join us to experience the community spirit, learn more about the Broads, and find out how you can contribute to preserving this exceptional area. Your participation and support at these events are pivotal in advancing our mission and ensuring the Broads remain a treasure for future generations.

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