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Saltwater Incursion

Welcome to our dedicated page about saline incursion in the Broads. Saline intrusion, or the movement of saltwater into freshwater ecosystems, poses significant challenges to the delicate balance of life in the Broads.

This page explores the causes and consequences of saltwater incursion, how it affects the local wildlife, vegetation, and the quality of water in the Broads. Understanding the factors contributing to this phenomenon, such as tidal movements, storm surges, and human activities, is crucial in developing strategies to mitigate its impact.

Join us as we delve into the science behind saline intrusion, examine its effects on the Broads' unique ecosystem, and discuss the measures being taken to protect this precious environment for future generations.

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Tide data from Broads gauging stations

Broads Saline Events

Explore the Broads Saline Incursion, why it happens and its effects on the environment.

Discussion and opinions on Broads Saline Incursion

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