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Shaping the Future of the Broads

The Broads Society's Role in Planning

For decades, the Broads Society has been a pivotal voice in planning and development matters within the Broads area. As a recognized formal consultee on every planning application submitted to the Broads Authority, our role is integral in shaping the landscape and maintaining the delicate balance between development and conservation.

A Proactive Approach to Planning

The Broads Authority keeps us informed about planning applications from neighbouring District Councils that might affect the wider Broads area. This ensures that our insights contribute to a comprehensive understanding of potential impacts on this precious landscape.

Our recently established Planning Committee takes a proactive stance in reviewing applications. With a keen eye on the future of the Broads, the committee's responses—be it 'no objection', 'support', or 'objection'—are always well-considered and backed by detailed justifications when necessary. This meticulous approach ensures that every decision is made with the Broads' best interest at heart.

Involvement in Strategic Planning Documents

Our involvement extends beyond individual applications. The Broads Society actively inputs into strategic planning documents, contributing to the broader vision for the area's future. This includes:

  • Reviewing the Broads Local Plan and Design Guide

  • Scrutinizing reviews of adjoining District Councils' Local Plans

  • Contributing to emerging development plans like the East Norwich Masterplan

  • Offering insights into Neighbourhood Plans from Parish and Town Councils

  • Staying abreast of and responding to changes in planning legislation proposed by central Government

Our commitment ensures that the broader strategic context aligns with our mission to protect and enhance the Broads' unique character.

Keeping Our Members Informed

Through our quarterly magazine 'Harnser', we keep our members informed and engaged with the latest developments, planning applications, and strategic planning documents. This not only fosters a well-informed community but also encourages active participation in the future of the Broads.

As custodians of this unique landscape, the Broads Society remains steadfast in its commitment to a sustainable future for the Broads, ensuring that development and conservation go hand in hand.

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