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Planning Applications in Broadland

The Broads Society has commented on planning issues throughout the Broads area for decades and is in fact a formal consultee on any planning application submitted to the Broads Authority.  The Authority also keeps the Society informed about any planning applications submitted to neighbouring District Councils which may have an impact on the wider Broads area. The recently formed Planning Committee of the Society ensures that any applications that are likely to have some form of impact on the Broads are commented upon, usually in the form of ‘no objection’, ‘support’ or ‘objection’ with a more detailed justification where necessary.  The Society is also informed about any planning appeals in the Broads area that have been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate and is given the chance to input into these appeals.

Commenting on planning applications and planning appeals is, however, only one aspect of the work of the Committee.  The Society regularly makes an input into more strategic planning documents such as the review of the Broads Local Plan and Design Guide: reviews of any adjoining District Councils’ Local Plans; emerging development plans such as the East Norwich Masterplan; Neighbourhood Plans produced by Parish and Town Councils; as well as any changes to planning legislation proposed by central Government. Planning Committee endeavours to keep Members of the Society informed and updated of any relevant issues via the Society’s quarterly magazine ‘Harnser’.

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