The 500 Club


T he 500 Club was set up many years ago with the intention of raising additional, much needed, income for The Broads Society.

Each year the 500 Club provides extra funding for the Broads Society, helping it to fulfil its mission to help secure a sustainable future for the Broads.

We award prizes of £75, £25 and £12 each month plus the annual grand prize of £500.

The annual subscription is £12 and the preferred method of payment is by Standing Order paid on 1st March each year.

Your initial subscription will be based on the month in which you join the Club and you are asked to forward your cheque, payable to “The Broads Society 500 Club”, for the appropriate amount, with your completed Standing Order mandate.

Joining in:

January £2 February £1 March £12 April £11 May £10 June £9

July £8 August £7 September £7 October £5 November £4 December £3

Please return the completed Standing Order Mandate form to

If you would like to join the 500 Club please get in touch with our Administrator, Sarah Vergette.Sarah Vergette, 3 Rosebery Road, Great Plumstead, Norwich, NR13 5EA (01603 714172) with a cheque payable to the 500 Club for an amount based on the month in which you are joining.